HTR as partner

HTR has a unique approach and structure that distinctly set it apart from the rest of the market. Plenty of suppliers can simply supply rubber and foam products – that’s why we like to make it clear why we are the right choice for you.

The central problem definition of your need for rubber and/or foam products immediately ensures that HTR delves into your application in detail, aiming to meticulously map out all the challenges, installation specifications and requirements you set for the product.

We prefer to sit down with you if not all the components have been definitively established. Often, we can advise on constructing various components slightly differently, so that a required rubber or foam part fits or functions better and the overall assembly is also faster and better.

We take the tolerances of all separate components into account, ensure technical specifications and help you implement the functionality and installation of the products as quickly and simply as possible through poka-yoke.

The diverse production techniques and methods, combined with a wide variety of base materials and production at different locations, ensure that HTR consistently makes high-quality products that are fit for use and optimal for installation.

This entire process is guaranteed not only by ISO 9001 certification but also by IATF 16949 (a high-end globally recognised quality system for the automotive industry).
Therefore, you can always be assured of extremely high-quality systems, with products that always meet – and often even exceed – the set standards and requirements and are delivered perfectly on time.

HTR doesn’t aim to bring the cheapest quote to the table.

We specifically focus on finding the best solution for your application and delivering the assembly with the correct, agreed specifications, fit for use, as fast as possible and perfectly on time.

This total process results in the best Total Cost of Ownership, which is exactly what HTR offers!

HTR engages in very long-term cooperation with a large number of OEM customers, including leading international premium brands in various industries.